Travelling Foodies - Gift Ideas

Christmas is a good time to shower friends and family with gifts for travel, or food, or even better a combination of the two. Here are some of the best for 2012:

If you like to camp out, eat well and always seem to have a number of gadgets that need to be charged, then this is the perfect gift for you. The BioLite CampStove is a marvel of engineering - burning twigs are converted to electricty allowing one to charge a gadget and a fan makes the most of your little fire. Next time I find myself in a tent I want one of these with me.

I have been known to indulge in a drink or two (all right on the odd occasion (ahem) a few more than that) but there is nothing more infuriating than being unable to get the bottle open or zesting your lemon effectively. Fear not the Bar10der can prevent all drinking related issues, and is also handy if you are a travelling barman - provided you remember to pack it of course! I am more than tempted by this beauty. 

When you have your wine, daquiri or beer ready for sampling you may find your other hand is empty and an empty hand can be turned to dastardly works. Prevent any such occurrence by giving it something to hold - a book perhaps. There are two entertaining reads that I can recommend - travelogues about train travel around Europe written by yours truly. There's history, culture and a good amount of light-hearted fun to help the drinks go down. 
See links at the side for Kindle versions.

The best food, and by that I mean fresh, tasty, local and not costing the earth, is often found outside of restaurants. Food festivals and food inspired trips make some of the best memories. Seasoned Travel focus on just that and will tailor-make your European holiday for you. As I say above, "you have to taste a culture to understand it."  

It's hard to travel without a case or bag of some description. I prefer a train but when needs must I am found on a plane and with planes come weight restrictions. It is the bane of my life but there we go, I have learned to pack an effective capsule wardrobe to get around the problem. To assist with the weight problem
(and I don't mean the one brought about by over-indulgence, or perhaps I do) a lightweight case is very useful. Antler do a wonderful selection in funky colours, hard or soft, cabin size or full-size. A case or bag for  each type of journey. 

Happy Christmas, one and all.


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